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Fact or Myth? Organic Results in Search Engines are FREE

Most people talk about organic results on search engines as "the free ones". Remember that ancient equation: TIME = MONEY? You don't have to pay Google for presenting your organic results. But the business reality makes SEO far from free or even cheap.

These days, if you are not on the first page of Google for your desired keywords, you practically don't exist in search. To get to the first page of Google, you need to invest both money and time.

You need to invest money in expert SEO advice, very precisely targeting your business needs and objectives. In the last few years, the search optimization game has been lifted so high that you need almost surgical precision and rocket-science knowledge to be able to get to the top for desirable keywords and phrases. But it is not impossible. It can be done. Talk to us, we'll tell you how.

Is it worth bothering with SEO then?

YES and NO.

Yes, because the returns on your investment can be immense. However...

No - if your SEO agency doesn't measure the ROI (Return On Investment) on SEO for you.

Yes - if you and your SEO advisers work towards your real business targets.
Yes - if you and your SEO agency keep your ROI as the single most important success indicator of your SEO actions.
Yes - if your SEO experts give you both a short-term and a long-term:

How long have you been doing seo?

We started doing search engine optimization back in 1999. Yep, in the previous century. Back then, it wasn't even called search engine optimization or SEO. Google was unknown. AltaVista, AOL Search, Lycos, MSN Search and Yahoo Search dominated the search arena. Other popular search engines were HotBot, WebCrawler, AskJeeves, DogPile, InfoSeek, Netscape Search and Alltheweb. In Australia, we also used WebWombat, Yahoo 7 and Anzwers. We remember some people thinking there was no more room for any new search engine...

Back then, search engine optimisation was limited to providing the right META information for search engines to feed on. However we experimented further. For a number of reasons, accessibility and compatibility with global web standards being some of them, we developed a set of guidelines for web page development that turned out to work extremely well in search engines.

And then came Google.

With its new, absolutely minimalistic interface, it was a breath of fresh air among the clutter of Yahoo and AltaVista. So simple, yet so effective.

Slowly, slowly, the new era of search descended on planet Internet.

We soon discovered that our guidelines worked in Google like a charm. We knew why. We had one magic word that was opening the heavy gates of Google results. Actually, it still does. The same word still works like a charm. Would you like to know what this MAGIC Google WORD is? Talk to us, we'll tell you.

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