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Apps Development for Smartphones and Tablets

We create apps for iPhones, Androids, Windows phones and tablets

Got an idea for an app but you don't know where to start?

Start by asking us for a free quote for your app. Or give us a call on 02 8003 7182 NOW.

Discuss your idea with us and we can tell you how much and how long. Your idea and information remains very confidential with us, but we are also happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you.

At Web Owl we develop great apps for Australian businesses and individuals. We do it in a very cost-efficient way. You will get an Australian project manager who will manage the development of your app from the beginning to the very end.

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Cross Platform Mobile Applications Development


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A KILLER App needs very little: just thinking outside the box

You would be surprised how little it takes. You look at a killer app and almost yell: "Why, on earth, didn't I think about it?"
It's never too late. If you have an idea for an app, you should contact us right now.

Our Mobile App Development Platforms

Cross-platform App Development

Develop once, use everywhere. Cross-platform app development is gaining momentum. The apps are developed once and used on most smartphones.

When the app functionality allows for cross-platform development, this is the best option and it is what we recommend to our clients. The benefits are significant: you only have one version of the app to create and maintain. This way you can lower the costs of your app by up to 70%. At Web Owl Technologies, our developers have strong experience in developing cross-platform mobile apps.Contact us to talk about your app.

iPhone App Development

When you need to cater to your iPhone audience, developing a native iPhone app may be the best solution. At Web Owl Technologies, we have experts who have developed a large number of iPhone apps. Our developers make sure your iPhone app looks great and works well on a range of iPhones.

Australian company specialising in developing apps for iPhones: iPhone 5 apps, iPhone 4 apps, iPhone 4S apps, iPhone 3G apps

Apps for Android Smartphones / Google

Android is now world's most popular operating system for smartphones. Our developers have long been developing Android apps. We create apps that are crisp and play to the strengths of Android devices.

Australian company specialising in developing apps for Android platform mobiles

Apps for Windows Phones

Windows mobile platform is gaining popularity despite Android and Apple iOS phones dominant positions in the mobile market. HTC and Nokia are focussed on delivering outstanding experience on their Windows phones. Web Owl has excellent developers who are seasoned in the development of apps for Windows phones.

Australian company developing apps for Windows phones

RIM® BlackBerry® Apps

RIM® BlackBerry® phones still maintain a strong position in business circles. Their specific business and work orientation makes them hard to replace in office environment. Web Owl developers have been developing apps for BlackBerry® phones for a while now. If you think your business would benefit from a BlackBerry®-specific app, why don't you contact us to discuss your idea for a BlackBerry® app.

Australian company developing apps for Windows phones