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Our Copyright Policy

We know people like our website, we just ask to respect our intellectual property

We respect and protect all creative work including, but not limited to ALL DESIGNS, IDEAS, BUSINESS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS that are presented through this website, and also in all other media, including, but not limited to any presentation in of our work in media, print, display, electronic and other advertising and promotions media.
Some of our contributors' designs are registered designs and are protected by international copyright laws and the laws of the country of origin.

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In case of infringement of copyright belonging to this website, or any author whose copright has been infringed in relation to this website, the law of the Government of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA, federal laws of AUSTRALIA, the laws of the contributor's country and international copyright laws will apply.

Please note:
It is striclty forbidden to use any of our copyright material, including designs and/or part of any design, or their derivatives in any form of publication and presentation, adaptation, storage, reproduction, distribution, transmission, print, display, publishing or creating derivative work in any means or media including, but not limited to websites, print,electronic and any other form of presentation, WITHOUT OUR WRITTEN, HAND-SIGNED PERMISSION.
It is also forbidden to commercialise any information, products, services or ideas obtained in any form from this website and related websites WITHOUT OUR WRITTEN, HAND-SIGNED PERMISSION.
Also note that, according to copyright laws, whey you buy a product you don't acquire its copyright.

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