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Mobile websites
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Can you afford to ignore these Australian facts:
  • There are six million more mobile phones than there are people in Australia (source: BuddeComm, 2012)
  • 500,000 Australians visit a website on mobile each day (source: Nielsen, 2012)
  • Mobile shopping searches increased by massive 220% year on year (source: Google, 2012)
  • Over a quarter (26%) of online purchases are now made on mobile devices (source: PWC, July 2012)
  • Half of all local searches are done on mobile devices (source: thesocialskinny.com)
  • 61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to go to a competitor's site (source: IABALM 2012)

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Make it easy for your customers

to use your website on mobile

Mobile interaction is different from desktop or laptop

A mobile screen is only a fraction of a computer screen. Most people hold their mobiles vertically, computer screens are horizontal. You touch and tap the screen with your fingers that are somewhat less precise than a computer mouse.

Our mobile designers will help you optimise your mobile interface design. It will look great and it will be very functional. We will take into account the screen sizes for different smartphones, such as iPhones, Androids, Blackberry and popular Windows mobiles, as well as for main tablets including iPads and Android tablets. We will design beautiful interface elements, such as buttons, links and forms that will be easy to use on mobiles.

Different pages needed for mobile website

Mobile browsers are very likely to look up your contact details, location, product information and prices. They will not be as likely to sign up to your newsletter or read your company's mission statement or press releases.

At Web Owl Technologies, we will help you prioritise your content for mobile visitors. Working with you, we will re-organise your web information and online transactions so that it becomes easy for mobile users to find you and buy from you.

Copy for mobile websites

With limited screen size and need for larger buttons, copy for each page needs to be optimised. Only essential content needs to to be presented, in a very accessible format.

Movies and video for mobile websites

On iPhones and iPads, Flash doesn't work. We will create alternative versions of your movies, to make sure your mobile visitors don't miss out on your video content.

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